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New Refill Tool Syringe Adapter for HP 903 907 932 933 950 951 953 XL Cartridge Refilling

Instead of using a needle to refill, this new adapter pushes onto the end of our syringes.  It is the exact size and shape to fit into the refilling hole of the HP905 HP907 HP932 HP933 HP950 HP951 HP953 ink cartridges.
We are now selling packs of ink with these refilling tools for £14.99 including free Royal Mail 24 shipping!  Alternatively you can buy 4 refill syringe tools with adapter for only £7.99.
4x100ml Refill Ink with refilling tool for HP 932 933 950 951 953 903 907
Various refill kits are available from the links below...
Every time you refill a set of cartridges you are potentially preventing four pieces of plastic from entering landfill!

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