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Just Landed! Refillable Ink Cartridges to Replace Canon PGI-580 CLI-581 BK/C/M/Y/PBL

Compatible Refillable Cartridges for use with Canon Pixma MG5750, MG5751, MG5752, MG5753, MG6850, MG6851, MG6852, MG6853, MG7750, MG7751, MG7752, MG7753, TS5050, TS5051, TS5052, TS5053, TS6050, TS6051, TS6052, TS6053 printers are now available for immediate dispatch.
These new reusable cartridges are fitted with standard Non-OEM microchips.  ARC chips are not available for thsi mdoel yet.  Ink levels will only update on the first cycle.  When you eventually refill the cartridges, the ink monitor will not go back to full again.  It will show low, but will allow you to continue to use the printer.  It is not ideal, but it offers the best refilling solution at the moment.  
6 Refillable Cartridges for Canon PGI-580 BK CLI-581 BK/C/M/Y/PBL
We have listed a variety of packs for the above printers.  Some include Pigment/Dye ink, others just dye ink.  Some come with the Photo Blue cartridges and ink, and others do not (Only higher end models use the Photo Blue cartridge).
One of our favourite printers for refilling purposes is the Canon Pixma TS705 and TS705a.  It uses 5 cartridges.. PGI-580BK Black, CLI-581 Black, CLI-0581C Cyan, CLI-581M Magenta, and CLI-581 Yellow.  For this printer we recommend the following. Please visit the following link and select a pack that contains either 5x ink and/or refillable cartridges. PGI-580BK CLI 581 BK/C/M/Y/PBL REFILLABLE CARTRIDGES FOR CANON + INK NON OEM

The following printers use a Photo Blue cartridges.  For these models select a pack with 6x items from the above link.  Canon Pixma TS9155, TS8150, TS8152, TS9150, TS8151, TS8250, TS8251, TS8252, TS8350, TS8351, TS8352, TS6350a, TS6351a, TS8350a,  TS8351a, TS8352a.

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