Inkjet Printer Cartridges and Refill Ink Bottles for Canon, Epson, HP, Brother, Ricoh Printers. Print Head Cleaning Cartridge, Refillable Empty Cartridges, Eco-fill Refilling Kits, and Lubrink Dye Inks. FREE Next Working Day Delivery! Same Day Dispatch!
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Premium Inks Louth, Lincolnshire (Printer Inkjet Cartridge Shop)

Premium Inks Louth, Newmarket Hall, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 9NS
We opened 15 years ago, selling mainly Inkjet Printer Cartridges, Cheap to Run Printers, A4 Paper, Mice, Keyboards, USB Memory Sticks.  
We are open between 10am and 3.45pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2-3pm Saturday.
All available products are listed on this website except the following genuine ink cartridges for Canon and HP.  In addition, Inkjet glossy and matte photo paper, reams of A4 paper, mice, keyboards, USB memory sticks, cables etc.
Current Prices (Subject to constant change)
Canon Genuine Ink Cartridges
PG-37 Black £15.99
CL-38 Colour £19.99
PG-40 Black £19.99
CL-41 Colour £25.99
PG-40 CL-41 Twin Pack £42.99
PG-540 Black £19.99
CL-541 Colour £23.99
PG-540 CL-541 Twin Pack £37.99
PG-545 Black £18.99
CL-546 Colour £19.99
PG-545 CL-546 Twin Pack £33.99
PG-560 £16.99
Cl-561 £19.99
PG-560 CL-561 Twin Pack £33.99
Hewlett Packard Genuine Ink Cartridges
HP 62 Black £21.99
HP 62 Colour £24.99
HP 301 Black £21.99
HP 301 Colour £25.99
HP 301 Combo Pack £39.99
HP 302 Black £18.99
HP 302 Colour £22.99
HP 302 Combo Pack £37.99
HP 303 Black £18.99
HP 303 Colour £22.99
HP 303 Combo Pack £36.99
HP 304 Black £14.99
HP 304 Colour £14.99
HP 304 Combo Pack £25.99
HP 304 XL Black £29.99
HP 305 Black £14.99
HP 305 Colour £16.99
HP 305 XL Black £22.99
A4 Reams of 80gm Paper - £5
A4 Reams of 90gm Paper - £10
Sumvision A4 Premium Glossy Photo Paper 180g/m2 25 Sheets £3.99
Sumvision A4 Premium Glossy Photo Paper 260g/m2 25 Sheets £4.99
Sumvision A4 Matte Coated Inkjet Paper 128g/m2 100 Sheets £5.99
Sumvision A4 Matte Coated Inkjet Paper 180g/m2 50 Sheets £5.99