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Printer Head Cleaning Cartridges

How do I know if my printer is clogged?  
When printing there could be broken lines, missing / faded colours or blank pages.

What do I do if my printer is blocked?  
Use our Printer Head Cleaning Cartridges for Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP.  For unblocking nozzles on print heads, these cartridges contain cleaning fluid solution which dissolves and breaks down stubborn blockages in printer nozzles.

How do I use head cleaning cartridges?  
Remove the air plugs or yellow tape from the top of the cartridges.  This opens the vacuum inside the cartridge and allows the cleaning fluid to flow when printing.  Then insert the particular colour cartridge(s) into the nozzle(s) of the printer which is blocked.  Sometimes for the cartridges to be recognized by the printer it is necessary to install the complete set.  However we advise that you target the colour nozzle that is blocked.  For example, if it is the cyan colour, then print pictures of blue skies, or better still a full page of cyan.  This will ensure that the vast majority of cleaning fluid is pushed through that particular nozzle.  Remove the cleaning cartridges and replace the ordinary ink cartridge.  Perform a head clean and test print.  For stubborn blockages we recommend you leave the fluid in over night to slowly work away at the problem.

Are head cleaning cartridges guaranteed to unblock your printer?  
No.  In our experience 70+% of printer head blockages are cleared with cleaning solution cartridges.

Can head clean cartridges be used again?  
Yes.  Many of our head cleaning cartridges come fitted with auto reset chips, meaning they can be refilled again and again.  You could also refill them with standard printer ink and use them for normal printing.