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Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges

Premium Inks offer a collection of compatible Non-OEM printer ink cartridges for use with Canon Pixma / Maxify printers.  These premium quality cartridges are not manufactured by Canon but offer reliable pleasing results at a low price per print.

Why is it sometimes cheaper to buy a new printer than a set of ink cartridges?
Manufacturers sometimes use the cost of the cartridges to offset the lower selling price of the printer.

Do printers use more ink as they get older?
No, older printers use exactly the same amount of ink as they did when they were new.

Which Canon ink cartridge is cheapest?
Typically Canon printer cartridges that do not feature a print head are cheapest.  Partly because they are simply a plastic case containing ink, usually with a smart chip.

Is it better to leave your printer on all of the time?  
Leaving your printer on all of the time may use more energy and more ink performing regular head cleaning routines.

How often do I need to print to prevent my print head from drying out?  
Using your printer once a week or fortnight will help to prevent your print head from drying out.