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Ecofill HP Professional Refill Kits

HP original OEM ink cartridge prices have increased dramatically over the last few years, to the degree that many printer users are looking at cheaper alternatives to buying expensive replacement ink cartridges.  Fortunately Premium Inks have the answer to the problem with their Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kits.  For less than £12 you can buy a refill kit that refills both the black and colour cartridges between 3 and 10 times, offering a massive saving on printing costs.

Is it better to refill your ink cartridges or buy a new one?  Refilling ink cartridges saves plastic, metal and ink from entering landfill.  Refilling is also a great way of saving money!

Does a refilled ink cartridge work?  Yes it will work if you take care and follow the instructions.  Refilling black ink cartridges are easiest as there is only one channel to refill.  Colour ink cartridges can have three compartments which all need to work properto maintain print quality.  Our Eco-Fill refill kits come with a suction tool to prime the cartridge.