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Epson Pigment Ink

Premium Inks pigment ink uses nano-scale raw materials from the best suppliers in the world to emulate the characteristics of OEM inks, providing high abrasion resistance and vivid color performance.  Our pigment ink can be printed and stored under numerous conditions and has passed PALL 3-grade absolute filtration to avoid clogging.  It features high fastness and water-resistance, shining glossy colors, ultra blacks, quick-dry surfaces, with a wider colour gamut and rich colour performance.

What is the difference between dye and pigment printer ink?
Dye ink is made up of dye colourants dissolves in liquid.  Pigment ink is made with very fine pigment powder that is evenly mixed with liquid but does not dissolve in it.

Do I use pigment or dye ink for photos (photographs)? 
Initial results and comparisons between dye and pigment inks when printing photographs can be similar, except dye offers a wider colour gamut. However, dye ink can fade quickly in sunlight, making it a shorter term solution if exposed.  Pigment ink offers far more UV resistance and a certain amount of water/proofing, but colours can be lighter and not so vivid.

Do Epson printers use pigment ink? Epson 4 Colour Claria ink uses pigment Black, and dye Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.