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News — Epson Expression Photo XP-760

Best Printer to Refill Part 5 - Refilling Epson Printers

24 xl Refillable Cartridges Epson Expression Photo XP-760 T2431-6 Compatible Cartridges XP-760 Review XP-960 Review

Best Printer to Refill Part 5 - Refilling Epson Printers

Recently Epson has clearly defined their printer ranges into different categories.  Home printers are intended for home users. Workforce printers for office users. Expression Premium printers for a variety of printing activities. Finally their Expression Photo printers for printing photographs, which now feature high quality scanners! Epson Expression Home XP entry level printers (XP-235, XP-245, XP-247, XP-332, XP-335, XP-342, XP-345, XP-432, XP-435, XP-442, XP-445) cost around £50.  They are the lighter, and most cheaply constructed machines in the Epson range.  Intended for home use only, they have a much lower duty cycle than the Workforce printers.  The current Expression Home printers use...

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