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Canon Pixma TS6351a Under £100 - Review Cheap To Use Best Buy Printer TS6350 TS6351

The Canon Pixma TS6351a has just been reduced in price to under £100.  Before the reduction it seemed a little expensive at £139 when considering it kind of resembled the older Canon TS5051 model that was half the price a couple of years ago.  We sold a couple of hundred of those printers to happy customers!
Since opening our Louth store in 2009 we have always had a good printer to offer to our loyal and regular customers.  Rather than sell them what I personally thought rated as inferior hardware, I have recently been telling them that we do not have a printer with a scanner to sell them.  We have sold a few Canon TS705 printers, but they have not been so popular due to not having a copying facility.  So over the last year or so we have lost much repeat business!  However, I prefer to be honest with everyone; as I am sure our regular customers appreciate this, and hopefully they will contuinue to come back in the future.
I constantly keep checking for suitable printers to sell in our shop, and a couple of days ago I noticed that the Canon TS6351a had got cheaper.  I have already recommended the almost identical TS6350 and TS6351 models to a few customers when they were at the higher price.  
The Canon TS6351a is the type of printer I usually like to recommend.  It takes 5 cartridges; a large generous capacity black for text, a smaller black for images, and cyan, magenta and yellow colours.  What I really like about this type of Canon printer is that they are not too fussy when the ink is running low.  Even if the cartridges are starting to run dry, you can just press a button on the front to continue to use the printer.  It is obviously not a good idea to run on empty as this could damage the print head, but at least you are not being made to stop!
Anyway, no need to take the risk of using the printer whilst low on ink.  There are now cheap printing options for this model.  If you are on a budget or just do not want to spend more money on the excellent Canon OEM cartridges, then Compatible PGI-580 CLI-581 cartridges are available at a keen price.  They are available for immediate dispatch on our shopping page.  In addition, this week we took delivery of some refillable cartridges to replace the Canon PGI-580 BK and CLI-581 BK/C/M/Y Ink tanks.  We offer a complete refill kit containing the refillable cartridges, high quality refill ink and syringes with blunt needs. Alternatively you can buy the items separately.
If you prefer Lubrink dye ink then please go to the Lubrink section where you will see similar options available for the Canon 580/581 replacement products.
Refillable Cartridges and Ink for Canon TS6351a
Sadly an Auto Reset Chip is not available for this model yet, so they come fitted with a standard compatible chip.  This means that the ink level information is only displayed on the first cycle.  After you refill them they will continue to show as low or empty, but like I mentioned earlier in this article, the printer allows you to continue to print.
So buying this printer will give you the options of using Canon original ink cartridges, compatible cartridges, or refillable cartridges.  You could even refill the original cartridges if things get a little tight financially.  You could do this by turning the cartridges upside down and dropping ink on to the exposed sponge area. However, as an easier method of refilling I would recommend buying a refillable cartridges kit from us (pictured above).  If not, then buy the pre-filled generic 580 581 ink cartridges from us.
Of course there are more considerations than just the cost of printing!  The TS6350 (Black), TS6351 (White), TS6351a (White) printers have a 4800dpi x 1200dpi high quality print head which provides quality text and image printing.  There is a front (100x 80gsm A4 capacity) front paper tray, and a 50 sheet rear paper tray which can take a paper thickness of up to 300gsm. 
This USB, wireless, and AirPrint machine also offers two-sided printing. There is a one button press copying facility which offers great results using the 1200dpi x 2400dpi scanner.
It is a tough time at the moment for retailers, so if you found this blog useful then I would really appreciate your consumable business.  We have plentiful stocks of ink and cartridges ready for same working day dispatch.  

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