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New Ink Drop Refill Kit for HP 912 XL Printer Cartridges

The new Ink Drop Refill Kit from Eco-Fill offers an easy refilling method for HP 912 and HP912 XL Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow Ink cartridges used in the HP Officejet 8012, 8012e, 8014, 8014e, 8015, 8015e, 8017, Officejet Pro 8022, 8022e, 8023, 8024, 8024e, 8025, 8025e inkjet printers.

Ink Drop Printer Refill Kit HP 912 XL Cartridges

To refill simply turn the cartridge upside down and place on a protected surface away from valuable items.  Remove the stopper from the appropriate colour ink bottle and hold over the exposed sponge area of the cartridge.  Carefully allow drops of ink to fall onto the sponge.  Refill a little, then take a short break so to not over saturate the sponge.  Then recommence the ink drop.  Leave cartridge to settle before re-installing into the HP printer.

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