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Are ink refill kits worth it?

Is it worth refilling your printer cartridge?

There are many advantages to refilling your inkjet cartridges.

1. It is good for the environment.  Every time you refill you are potentially preventing several pieces of plastic and metal from entering landfill.

2. You can save much money by using an ink cartridge refill kit.  Buying ink cartridges can be very expensive, particularly if you are a heavy printer user.

3. Many Canon and HP ink cartridges come with a built-on print head.  The manufacture of this part forms a high proportion of the overall production cost of the cartridge.  What a shame that such clever engineering should only be used once, particularly as the capacity of ink inside of the cartridges is usually only a few millilitres. So refilling them gets a second, third, forth use from the print head.

4. If your cartridge needs replacing and the shops are closed and you urgently need to print a document or photograph, then using a refill kit can save the day!  

Disadvantages to using a ink refill kit.

1. Refilling can be messy, particularly if you are in a rush.  It is important to take your time when refilling.  
2. Many ink cartridges still register as being low on ink after refilling.  It is not always possible to reset the ink monitor on the printer.  Fortunately it is usually possible to disable the ink monitor, but this means you have to manually monitor the ink levels.  For some printers you can buy refillable cartridges with auto reset chips, which makes the refilling process far easier and usually more successful.
3. Particularly effecting colour ink cartridges, if all colours are not flowing correctly after refilling, then images will not print satisfactorily.  For ink cartridges with a built-on print head, buy a refill kit with an ink suction tool.  Use this to prime the cartridge and remove air locks to establish a good ink flow.

Eco-Fill Canon Refill Kits

Eco-Fill HP Refill Kits


It is worth refilling your printer cartridge with an ink refill kit if you have the spare time, enthusiasm, and motivation to save money and cut down on waste.  If you have a limited amount of spare time and more important issues to address, then finances permitting, buy new cartridges each time.

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