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Which printer cartridges are the cheapest?

Best printer with cheapest ink cartridges. Which are the cheapest ink cartridges

Are you looking to reduce printing costs because of the current cost of living crisis?  If so, then hopefully this blog will help.

If you looking for a cheaper alternative to your current ink cartridges, then you have three options.  Option one, buy compatible cartridges.  Option two, refill your ink cartridges.  Option three, buy a different printer.

First things first, what type of cartridge does your printer use?  Does it have a built-on print head?  If so, buying a compatible cartridge with a print head means that it has been refilled (remanufactured).  In a perfect World the cartridge will have been refilled and work as well as an original OEM cartridge.  But we don’t, so expect the possibility of poor print quality and a reduced lifespan.  
You are far better refilling your own cartridge.  That way you can make sure the job is done properly!  Not to mention the money you will save doing it yourself.  Further more, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out how to do it.  There are dedicated refill kits available for most printer cartridge models.  For example, the currently very popular Canon PG-545 black and CL-546 colour ink cartridges refill kit.  
We have been selling our own version of these type of kits for more than 15 years now under our Eco-Fill brand.  The professional version contains an ink suction tool designed to remove potential air locks.  Due to the current financial living crisis we have decided to temporarily reduce the price to £9.99!  This price is only available direct from our website. 

If your cartridges do not have built-on print heads, then buying compatible cartridges means that you are just buying replacement ink tanks.  Various manufacturers produce these type of cartridges, so prices are much cheaper.  And because you get a brand new product each time, printing quality is usually very good.  

If you can buy a printer that uses Canon PGI-580 CLI-581 cartridges then you can just buy the compatible ink tanks whch are cheaper and have more ink.

Take a look at our Printer Compatibility Chart.  All the latest printers are listed alongside the cartridge models they use.  For these type of printers, often refillable cartridges are available.  Refillable cartridges are usually easy to refill, by removing a rubber plug and injecting ink into the tank.  They mostly have auto reset microchips which estimate ink use then automatically reset the ink monitor when they think the cartridge is empty.  Note that they only estimate ink levels, so you still have to make a manual check of the ink levels. Premium Inks have been selling refillable ink cartridges for many years now.  Currently a popular model is used to replace the Epson 603 xl ink cartridges.  We also sell kits that come with ink and syringes.

If you have already come to the conclusion that you need to find the most economical printer to buy, again please take a look at our printer cartridge chart.  We have listed the latest models in price order.  Use it to estimate how much the printer will cost to run.

We have tried to offer a consumables solution to most of the current printers. We would really appreciate it if you bookmark our website for future reference and hopefully buy our products.


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