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Refill Instructions for HP 903XL 907XL 950 XL 951 XL 953 XL 957 XL Printer Ink Cartridges

Refill Instructions for HP 953 XL Ink Cartridges

Refilling Instructions for HP 903XL 907XL 950 950XL 951 951XL 953 953XL 957XL Ink Cartridges

To successfully refill these cartridges you will require 4x 50ml Syringe with Refilling Adapter Plunger Tool for HP, and either Pigment or Dye Refilling Ink

1. Push empty 50ml Syringe with Adapter Plunger Tool into the exit hole of the ink cartridge. Then pull back on the syringe lever to remove air from the internal cartridge bag (Very important).

HP 953 XL Refilling Instructions Refill Information Ink Cartridge

2. Remove Syringe then fill with ink.

3. Attach Syringe with Adapter Plunger Tool to the exit hole again. Carefully inject ink by pushing down on the lever. When you start to feel a resistance then allow the lever to move back up. In between spirts remove the plunger from the cartridge to allow air to escape. Gradually add more ink, allowing lever to move back up again. Slowly repeat this exercise until cartridge is full.

4. Prime the cartridge by pulling back on the lever and removing a small amount of ink back into the Syringe. As you do this remove the plunger from the cartridge. This should establish a good ink flow.

5. Replace the cartridge into the printer.

Maximum refilling capacity of ink cartridges by model...

HP 953 Black = 38ml  HP953 Colours = 13ml  HP 953XL Black = 80ml  HP 953XL Colours = 25ml  HP 957XL Black = 63ml

HP 963 Black = 24ml  HP 963 Colours = 11ml  HP 963XL Black = 48ml  HP 963XL Colours = 23ml

HP 950 Black = 20ml  HP 951 Colours = 10ml  HP 950XL Black = 40ml  HP 951XL Colours = 20ml 

HP 903XL Black = 30ml  HP 903XL Colours = 10ml  HP 907XL Black = 37ml

Refill instructions are for guidance purposes only.  Investigate refilling methods before you begin.

All brand names and trade marks are property of their respective owners and are used for descriptive purposes only. The above are not OEM products.

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