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New Head Cleaning Cartridges for Epson 27 Series (Workforce WF 7110DTW 7610DWF 7620DTW)

WF-3620DWF Ink Cartridges WF-3640DTWF Ink WF-7110DTW Cartridge WF-7610DWF Refill WF-7620DTW Printer Cartridges

New Printer Head Cleaning Cartridges for use with Epson Workforce WF-3620DWF, WF-3640DTWF, WF-7110DTW, WF-7610DWF, WF-7620DTW Printers.  

These cartridges contain special head cleaning fluid to dissolve blockages in printheads.

For the cartridges to be recognised by the printer it is sometimes necessary to install the complete set of cleaning cartridges.  We recommend that you focus on the blocked head by printing images related to that particular blocked nozzle.  For example, if the cyan (blue) nozzle is blocked, then print pictures of blue skies.  This will ensure that the majority of the cleaning fluid is pumped through the correct nozzle. 

For stubborn blockages, leaving the cartridges in overnight after printing gives the cleaning fluid more time to break down the blockage in the nozzle of the printer head(s).

In our experience with other versions of this product, a 70-75% success rate is achieved.  So buying and using these cartridges does not guarantee to fix the problem.  So please buy in the knowledge that the process may not be successful.  However we think that it is well worth trying, much preferable to disposing of your printer and buying a new one!

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