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HP Printer Ink Cartridge Prices Skyrocket!

Over the last few weeks we have seen HP printer ink cartridge prices skyrocket!  We think there are several reasons for this happening...

The Pound £ has fallen against the US $, meaning HP cartridges manufactured in Mexico and sold in US Dollars have added to import costs significantly.

Hewlett Packard seem to be focusing on their Instant Ink scheme which seems to bypass retailers of ink cartridges.  The printer sends a message to HP when the ink is getting low. At the same time HP have increased the price of their ink cartridges to retailers, meaning buying from shops has become far more expensive.

Due to these price increases retailers may think twice before stocking HP printers in their stores.  We think only the large chains will promote them as can negotiate promotions with HP.  For the small computer shop there seems little incentive to sell HP products anymore!

For those who already own a HP printer they have two choices.  To remain loyal and continue to buy more expensive HP cartridges, or start to refill their empty cartridges.  We sell dedicated refill kits, and refillable cartridges and bulk refill ink for HP printers.


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