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Brother LC223 Large Refillable Rhinofill CISS Cartridge Installation Fitting Instructions

Brother Cartridge Instructions Door Sensor Hook Fit Hook Brother Large Refillable Instructions LC223 CISS Cartridge Fitting LC223 Fitting Instructions LC223 Large Cartridges LC223 Refillable Cartridges

Fitting / Refilling Instructions LC-223 Large CISS Cartridges for Brother DCP-J4120DW, DCP-J562DW, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-J4620DW, MFC-J480DW, MFC-J5320DW, MFC-J5620DW, MFC-J5620DW, MFC-J5620DW, MFC-5625DW, MFC-5720DW, MFC-J680DW, MFC-J880DW printers.

The larger refillable cartridges are longer, making them protrude from the front of the printer.  This causes a problem because the cartridge door cannot be closed, and the  Brother printer will not allow you to continue if the door is open!  To solve this problem we must push the provided hook into the door sensor. In many instances the door must come off (Please note on some models this is not necessary). To remove the cartridge door squeeze and bend the plastic so that the small nobs can be lifted out of their sockets from the printer case.  You will now see a hole where the door once slotted into.  This is where the door sensor is located.  The provided plastic hook needs to go there (See picture).

LC223 Large Refillable Cartridges Hook

Now remove the colour plugs on the top of the cartridges and fill them with ink (3/4 to 4/5 full). Replace the colour plugs, and fit the air filers (if not already fitted). 

Install the cartridges one by one into the printer.  The printer will ask you to close the cartridge door.  Now insert the plastic hook into the slot (See picture).

Your Printer will begin the charge up process which can take a few minutes.  If printer asks you to slowly re-install a particular cartridge, you must remove the hook each time before removing the cartridge, then replace the hook after reinstalling the cartridge, otherwise the printer will think the door is still open or closed.

You may notice in the above picture that some sticky tape has been used to hold the hook in place.  This is a good idea if the hook is likely to get knocked, and will help it to remain in the correct position.

If the complexity of these installation instructions have made you think twice about purchasing the large refillable cartridges, we also sell the Small Brother LC223 Refillable Cartridges.  The smaller ones allow you to close the cartridge door and are much easier to install.


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