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Head Cleaning Instructions - Flush Clean Unblock Print Head Nozzles

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Blocked printer head nozzles are responsible for thousands of printers to be dumped each year. In many cases they could have been repaired using head cleaning cartridges.
Our print head cleaning cartridges contain cleaning fluid which contain chemicals to remove a nozzle blockage. Sadly some stubborn blockages cannot be cleared, and in our experience they are effective 7 times of of 10.
Magenta Copyright Free Image Head Cleaning Test PageCopyright Free Black Test Page ImageWe sell our cleaning cartridges in sets because many printers will not accept one cleaning cartridges mixed with other ordinary ink cartridges. Modern day printers have a microchip that communicates with the printer, and we find that using two different makes or types of chip can cause errors. So it is usually necessary to install the complete set of cleaning cartridges for them to be recognized by the printer.
Cyan Test Page Image Copyright FreeYello Test Image Once installed we recommend that you target the blocked head by printing full A4 sheets of that particular colour. So if the Magenta nozzle is blocked, print sheets of the Magenta image. This will ensure that plenty of cleaning fluid is pushed through that particular printer head. So depending on which print head is blocked, click on the appropriate surrounding images and print.
Light Magenta Test Image
Light Cyan Test ImagePrint six to ten full A4 sheets before replacing
the ordinary ink cartridges back into the printer. Remember that the printer will now have clear fluid inside, so the first few printers will be blank, however the ink will slowly start to replace the clear fluid. If after completing this procedure the head(s) are still not printing correctly, we then recommend you repeat the exercise, but this time leave the cleaning cartridges in the printer overnight. This will give the chemicals time to eat away at the blockage(s). 

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