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A common problem with inkjet printers are blocked nozzles on the print heads caused by small particles in the ink.  Additionally if a printer has been left to stand for several weeks or months a blockage can occur. If one of the colours are not printing correctly, image quality is compromised and the printer can be rendered useless.  In an attempt to resolve blocked nozzle issues Premium Inks sell head cleaning flush cartridges for various models of printers.

The most common Epson models that may have blocked heads at the moment are the Epson Expression Home printers that use the 18 Series ink cartridges.  Models as follows... XP30, XP102, XP202, XP205, XP212, XP215, XP-225, XP302, XP305, XP312, XP315, XP-322, XP-325, XP402, XP405, XP405WH, XP412, XP415, XP-422, XP-425.  These cleaning cartridges are available from the link below...

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