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EcoTank Versus Rhinofill Printer Ink System Review Cheap Printing

Brother DCP-J4125DW Printer Cartridge Free Printing EcoTank ET-2550 EcoTank Refill Ink

"Article looking for alternatives to the Epson EcoTank ET-2500 / ET-2550 Inkjet Printer. In particular we look at the Brother DCP-J4120DW / DCP-J4125DW printer fitted with Rhinofill large refillable cartridges, and examine whether it offers a real alternative to the EcoTank?"

The Epson EcoTank provides a dream printing solution for the refilling community.  It features large ink tanks permanently fixed to the side of an adapted Epson printer. Depending on the model you buy, and the money you initially spend, the higher comparable specification of Epson printer is provided.  For example, the EcoTank ET-2500 and ET-2550 currently sell for £200 and seem to mirror the Epson Expression Home XP-345 sub £50 printer.  

EcoTank ET-2550 Inkjet Printer

If you were to buy a standard Epson Small-in-One XP range printer instead of an EcoTank ET-2500, you would initially save more than £150.  Enough of a saving to buy 4 to 5 sets of Strawberry 29 Epson ink cartridges. However, if you are a medium to heavy duty printer user, it makes sense to go for the EcoTank system instead that comes with enough ink, Epson say, to print the equivalent of 20 cartridge sets.

Some consumers may think that £150 is too much to pay for the add/on ink tanks, working out more than three times the cost of the standard comparable printer? These people will look for alternatives to achieve a similar continuous ink printing system. Those who wish to refill standard Epson models must rule out using the current range of Epson Expression Home XP printers, as CISS / Refillable Cartridges will not work with these machines because CISS and refillable cartridges are not available. For those who wish to remain loyal to the Epson brand, we recommend they take a look at the Workforce range. In particular, the Workforce WF-2510WF printer which offers tremendous value for money. However, for the purposes of this article we are making a comparison between the EcoTank ET-2550, and the Brother DCP-J4120DW printer, used in conjunction with the Rhinofill large refillable cartridges.

Rhinofill is a name for large refillable ink cartridges that plug into the front of many Brother printers. They typically hold 80ml of ink in each Cartridge, giving them a similar capacity to CISS systems, but without the need for loose silicone tubes. They are longer cartridges that slot into the same place as ordinary cartridges but protrude from the front of the case, preventing the cartridge door from being closed.  A plastic hook has to be placed into the door sensor to trick the printer into thinking the door is closed. On some models the front door has to be removed to access the door sensor, making the initial instruction more difficult.

This type of system has been available for a few years now, but sadly Brother introduced microchips to their cartridges recently, making their use more complicated. However, stable chips soon became available, making the Rhinofill a viable proposition in the latest printer models.

The Brother DCP-J4120DW / DCP-J4125DW printer, scanner, copier is a good all-round machine currently costing around £80. This A4, and occasional A3 printer using the rear paper feed, offers duplex printing, and a large touchscreen display.

Connecting and setting up the DCPJ4120DW is easy using WiFi Direct, AirPrint, or Google CloudPrint.  There is also WiFi via your broadband router and the traditional USB cable method.  

The paper feeds in sideways from the front paper tray, meaning that Brother were able to reduce the overall footprint of the J4120DW.  The paper moving sideways increases printing speeds, but adds to noise levels due to the additional resistance, and the anti jamming mechanism.

Printing quality is fair, but not as smooth as with the Canon print heads.  Photographs are good, if not brilliant.

Overall, the Brother DCPJ4120DW / DCPJ4125DW specification is somewhat in advance of the Epson EcoTank ET-2500 / ET-2550 printers.  Add the Rhinofill system with ink for £30 and you have a superior printing system to the ET2500 / ET2550 for almost half the price! However, you have to be prepared for a little inconvenience on the initial set-up, or get an I.T. person to assist you!  Alternatively, normal sized LC-223 Refillable Cartridges allow you to close the front Cartridge door and hold 15ml-25ml of ink.

Non-OEM Refill Ink Bottles for EcoTank ET-2500 ET-2550 Printers.

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