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New Screw Drill Tool with Wings - Easily Make Cartridge Refilling Holes!

Our New Drill Screw Tool makes light work of making a refill hole in the top of Canon and HP ink cartridges!  It features 'Wings' that improve and increase finger grip, allowing for  more pressure to be added when twisting and rotating the drill tool. 

The diameter of the metal drill bit has also been reduced, meaning that the smaller and more precise contact area allows for easier and quicker penetration. 

New Ink Cartridge Screw Tool with Wings

We will be shipping this new Screw Tool with all new Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kits listed below.

Eco-Fill Canon PG540 PG640 PG40 PG37 CL38 CL41 CL541 CL641 Refill Kit

Eco-Fill Canon PG545 PG510 PG512 CL546 CL511 CL513 Refill Kit

Eco-Fill HP 301 302 304 300 350 Refill Kits


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