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Part 3 - Most Economical Printer 2018 - Cheap Printing

Best all-in-one printers Brother TS5050 TS5051 Refillable Cartridges

Brand new model printers can be a bad choice for refilling because the development of the refillable cartridges can take some time.  So buying older models makes sense, meaning consumable prices are reduced considerably.

Canon have recently introduced a new series of inkjet printers.  For example the TS3150, TS5150, TS6150, TS8150, TS9150.  The new TS3150, TS205 and TS305 use a pair of PG545 / CL546 ink cartridges with a built on print head.  These can be refilled using an Eco-Fill refill kit, but this does involve making holes in the top of the cartridges with a provided thumb screw.  Similarly the TS5150 uses the slightly larger capacity PG540 / CL541 cartridges with print heads.  The 540/541 refill kit is available here.  The new TS6150, TS8150 use the PGI-580 / CLI-581 PGBK/BK/C/M/Y.  The TS8150 and TS9150 use an additional PB Photo Blue cartridge.  Sadly there are no refillable cartridges with reset chips or compatible replacement cartridges currently available. 

Fortunately there are some older Canon printer models which can be refilled easily.  In particular the TS5050, TS5051, TS6050, TS6051 use the PGI-570 PBK, CLI-571 BK/C/Y ink cartridges.  Both compatible and refillable versions with reset chips are available for these printers. 

TS5051 Canon Pixma Printer White

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