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Many enquiries about Compatible Generic Epson 604 Pineapple Ink Cartridges BK/C/M/Y

XP-2200 XP-2205 XP-3200 XP-3205

The current most popular Epson printers XP-2200 XP-2205 XP-3200 XP-3205 use the new 604 and 604xl Pineapple ink cartridges.  We are getting many enquiries about the availability of compatible and refillable cartridges to replace OEM.
Sadly, there are no compatible or refillable cartridges available at the moment.  That means that owners of the above printers will have to buy Original Epson ink cartridges; sets currently priced around £50, and £80 for XL.
Epson 604 604xl Pineapple Ink Cartridges
As soon as we get more news we will post details on this page.

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