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HP 301 Refilling Instructions Video Eco-Fill HP301 Refill Kit

HP 301 Refill Video HP 301 Refilling Instructions HP301 Refill Instructions HP301 Refill Kit

Refill video showing how to refill HP301 Black Ink Cartridges using the Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kit.  Refill video shows the following...

* How to put the cartridge into the refill clip.
* Make a hole using the screw tool.
* Injecting black Ink into the cartridge.
* Taking the cartridge out of the clip to inspect the nozzle. 
* Cleaning the print head with a cloth. 
* Putting the cartridge back into the refill clip and attaching the syringe. 
* Pulling back on the syringe to suck ink through the print head nozzles. 
* Removing the refill clip again to see ink on print head. 
* Wiping the print head. Cartridge ready for printer.

The second video shows how to refill the HP 301 Colour cartridges using the Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kit.

* Making three holes in the top of the cartridge with the screw tool.
* Injecting 3ml of Yellow Ink into the cartridge.
* Injecting approximately 3ml of Magenta Ink into a different chamber.
* Finally filling the Cyan chamber with 3ml of Ink.
* Removing the refill clip suction tool.
* Wiping the printer head with a tissue and test for colour lines.
* Putting the cartridge back into the refill clip and attaching syringe.  Pulling back on the syringe lever to draw out a small amount of ink and air from the cartridge.
* Removing the syringe from the clip and removing the cartridge again.
* Wiping the print head nozzles on a tissue.
* Carefully dabbing the print head with the tissue until all three lines of colour are correct.  
* Cartridge ready to be installed back into the printer. 

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