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Epson Expression Photo XP-760 Printer Review

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Could the task of finding an inkjet printer that ticks all the boxes be over?  

The XP-760 is a multi-function photographic printer and scanner offering a handsome specification.  Not only does it have a maximum print resolutions of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch, it also comes with a high quality 48-bit scanner (2400 x 4800 dpi)!  

In the past, high quality photo printers have come as stand-alone units, so the added scanner takes the XP760 into fairly new territory. It is not the first time Epson have offered such a product, but the scanner on the XP-760 is well above standard.

The first thing you notice about the XP-760 is the large touchscreen LCD screen on the front cover, used to control various features and functions on the printer.  These include mobile borderless printing using various applications, WiFI Direct connections without a router, two sided duplex printing, CD/DVD printing, dual paper trays, and PC free operation via the memory card slots.

The XP760 printer comes into its own when printing photographs, but ordinary office documents are not printed any better than a £50 multi-function inkjet.  So, if your primary use is for office work, the Canon Pixma MX725 or MG5650 may provide a better solution. But if you are an amateur photographer on a budget, then this printer could be just what you have been waiting for!

The Photo XP-760 uses 6x Elephant 24 / 24xl Claria Photo HD ink cartridges containing quality ink that provide long lasting photographs.  Unfortunately, the cartridges are quite small (Standard 4.6ml-5.1ml, XL 8.7ml-10ml) making them expensive to use if buying original Epson.  Fortunately, compatible Elephant ink cartridges and refillable 24xl versions are now available at a fraction of the cost. 

Good Points:

Impressive photographic prints.
Above average quality scanner.
CD/DVD printing.
Large 10.9cm interactive LCD touchscreen.
Easy to set-up and connect via WiFi / WiFi Direct (connect without a wireless router).  
Mobile printing from tablets and smartphones using Epson Connect, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print.
Ethernet Connection.
Rear paper tray can accept thick card.
Compact size.
Scores well in review websites.
Price recently reduced.
Compatible and refillable cartridges available.

Not So Good:

Automatic paper tray can be temperamental, and can be difficult to load.  Fussy rear paper tray.
Waiting for the output tray to open automatically can delay printing.
Text and graphics print quality only ordinary.
Can be noisy with slow start-up.
Printing can be slow at times.
Instruction manual could be improved.
Original ink cartridges expensive.
WiFi connection can drop out.

What is the ideal situation for the Photo XP-760 printer?

For the photographic enthusiast on a budget, and offering additional copy and scan features not normally found on a good photo printer. OK for occasional general home printing, but not recommended for regular home office use.  

Would I buy the Photo XP760?

Yes, I would buy it for home as a dedicated photographic printer and photographic scanner.  The other features are useful and provide a tradeoff against the various niggles associated with the XP-760.  

Does the Photo XP-760 tick all of the boxes?

Sadly no.  Although it provides excellent photographic printing and scanning quality, the XP-760 is in no way a heavy duty machine.  It is not really suitable for everyday office use, and suffers from various design flaws.  Substance is substituted for style in some areas, which can cause annoying delays and inconvenience.  However, the overall package is worth serious consideration, particularly now that the price has been significantly reduced.


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