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Epson 202 xl Refillable Compatible Ink Cartridges Update

XP6000 Refillable Printer Ink Cartridges XP6005 Refillable and Generic Ink Cartridges

The Epson Expression Premium XP-6000 / XP-6005 Printers use the 202 and 202xl Series Ink Cartridges.  

We are regularly being asked about Compatible and Refillable Cartridges.  Sadly empty Refillable Cartridges are still not available, as ARC reset chips remain in the development stage.  Pre-filled Compatible generic replacement ink cartridges for the XP6000 and XP6005 are now available, but Premium Inks will not stock them until the price of the microchips is reduced.  Current prices are so high, meaning sales would be very low. In addition, the product may benefit from additional testing with the above Printer models.

If you have not already purchased one of these printers, then you may be better served buying an Epson machine that uses either 27 or 16 series ink cartridges.  Both Refillable and Compatible versions are available for these models.