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Refillable Cartridges for Epson

Are refillable cartridges worth it?  
Refillable cartridges are the best alternative to the problematic CISS systems, offering a cheap printing solution without the hassle.  There are no tubes getting in the way of the moving print head and they are easy to refill. 

Will the print heads get blocked if I use refillable cartridges?
Our range of refillable cartridges for Epson feature a built-in 2 micron filter to help guard against a blocked printer head! In addition, use our triple filtered E830 Premium Inks Dye Ink or our excellent quality Pigment Ink to avoid any problems.

How do you reset the refillable ink cartridges for Epson?
These cartridges are fitted with the latest ARC (Auto Reset Chips), which like most refillable cartridges reset on an estimated ink cycle.  The ink monitor reads full to begin with, then as you print it estimates the ink usage and gradually lowers the counter. When the ink monitor reads empty, they auto reset to read full again.

Are all refillable inks the same?  
No.  Some printer ink contains less dye or pigment and can appear watery.  Our Premium Inks brand inks are the best for refilling ink cartridges, offering guaranteed quality.

*Each time you refill and use a set of these refillable cartridges you are potentially saving 4 to 9 pieces of plastic from entering landfill!  Not to mention the money you are also saving!