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HP Compatible Cartridges

How do I find out which ink cartridge my HP printer uses?  
Read the number on the top of your old cartridge or search for your printer model on this website.  If you are away from home you may have a printing application installed on your phone which may list the printer model.

Can I use a different number HP ink cartridge for my printer?  Can I use a HP304 instead of a HP305 ink cartridge, or can I use a HP302 instead of a HP304? 
No, although the cartridges look almost identical the circuit boards are coded differently and will not be recognised by the printer.

What happens if you put the wrong ink cartridge into the HP printer?  
The printer will produce an error and refuse to print.

Can you print if one ink cartridge is empty?
For printers that use two cartridges it’s usually possible to print with one cartridge.  Remove the empty cartridge from the printer, then Click OK when the single cartridge printing mode option appears.

How do prints appear if I print in HP single cartridge printing mode?  Using only the black cartridge, images will be in grey scale.  Printing with only the colour cartridge installed, text will appear lighter.